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I regret to inform you that we have lost a Raven. Jim Cain flew West on Monday, 29 July, 2019.

Jim flew as Butterfly 70 and Raven 41 from May, ’67- Aug ’68 . He was a regular at the reunions and brought his son, John, on numerous occasions.

In 2009, Jim published his own book, Butterfly70/Raven41.

On Friday, Aug 2, Jim will receive full military honors and will be buried at Barancas National Cemetery, Pensacola, FL. Details are in his obituary.


Ed Gunter,
Ravens President



Reunion info for Ravens is on the Ravens Only Page

On June 17th, Helen Stanford (widow of Jim Stanford, Butterfly 22/44 in 1966) passed away. Helen had been fighting physical challenges for a number of years, and missed the reunion last year. Her granddaughter, Mysti says Jim, H & J Fred are welcoming her with a frosty mug. Memorials are undecided. If you are interested in attending if one is set up, let me know & I’ll start a list.
Ed Gunter

TO: All Air Commandos
FROM: Air Commando Journal Editor-in-Chief
SUBJECT: The Air Commando Journal Needs Your Help

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SchAnnounce ’19

Edgar Allen Poe Literary Society
Raven FACs
330 Brookhollow (210) 241-7370
New Braunfels, TX, 78132 edgunter@aol.com

April 7, 2019

It is our distinct pleasure to announce the winners of the 2019 Distinguished Raven Scholarships. Without exception, these young men & women are truly outstanding.

Seth Greg “Growth” Wilson Memorial Scholarship ($2,500 + $350 performance bonus)
Angelina Thao
Itasca, TX

Charles W “Chuck” Hines Memorial Scholarship ($2,000 + $350 performance bonus)
Kathy Vang
Marysville, CA

Jack Drummond Memorial Scholarship ($2,000 + $350 performance bonus)
Sha Xiong
St Paul, MN

John L Carroll Memorial Scholarship ($2,000 )
Gkao Mee Seng Xiong
St Paul, MN

Harold L Mischler Memorial Scholarship ($1,500)
Jennifer Vang
St Paul, MN

Paul V Jackson, III Memorial Scholarship ($1,500)
Mai See Yang
St Paul, MN

Samuel L Deichelmann Memorial Scholarship ($1,500)
Bao Ka Vang
Sacramento, CA

Marlin L Siegwalt Memorial Scholarship ($1,500)
Sai Kong Her
Stockton, CA

Charles D Ballou Memorial Scholarship ($1,000)
Alexus Vang
Grandview, MO

Edward E “Hoss” McBride Memorial Scholarship ($1,000)
Lilah Xiong
St Paul, MN

Joseph K Bush, Jr Memorial Scholarship ($1,000)
Tyler Pichay Lee
Rose, OK

John J Bach, III Memorial Scholarship ($1,000)
Yeng Houa Vang
St Paul, MN

Ed Gunter Jerry “Spike” Milam
President, EAPLS (Raven FACs) Scholarship Committee



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TV Channel KVIE in Sacramento has produced a series of interviews about the war in Southeast Asia. Four of our own Ravens are among those interviewed. Gene Hamner, Joe Scheimer, Tom Palmer and Jerry Hare. Briggs Diuguid is featured in Mareth Chan’s interview. The interviews can be found at: http://www.kvie.org/vietnamhistory

Gene, Joe, & Tom — Well done!
Jerry– Looking forward to yours when it’s posted.
Briggs– wow!



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