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10 April, 2017

It is our distinct pleasure to announce the winners of the 2017 Distinguished Raven Scholarships. Without exception, these young men & women are truly outstanding.

Alfred G “Fred” Platt Memorial Scholarship ($2,000 + $500 performance bonus)

Kristy Xiong

Eau Claire, WI


Raymond E “Ray” de Arrigunaga Memorial Scholarship ($2,000 + $500 performance bonus)

Johnny Vang



Hickory, NC


J Fred Guffin Memorial Scholarship ($2,000)

Megan Ann Phanrisvong


Caledonia, MI


Edward E “Hoss” McBride Memorial Scholarship ($2,000 )

Blia Yang

Minneapolis, MN


Joseph K Bush, Jr Memorial Scholarship ($1,000)

Jessica Bounsanga

Kearns, UT


John J Bach, III Memorial Scholarship ($1000)

Sounally Chanthaminavong

Boise, ID

 Dearest Ravens,
Thank you so much for your generous scholarship. It has helped me reach the point of nearly paying off this semester in cash and avoiding substantial debt, which is something my grandparents have taught me. When they came to America, they worked to pay off everything they owned and stay out of debt, and that is my goal as well.
They are very excited that their granddaughter gets to go to college and they tell all of their friends in the Laotian community in Twin Falls about it. My grandfather is deeply grateful for the Ravens in helping our family and was very intrigued as he learned more about the organization, as he worked with the Royal Laotian Government at the time and was very familiar with the planes. Words cannot express the appreciation we have for the help you have given our family and for risking your lives for our people in Laos during the war.
Thanks again,
Sounally Chanthaminavong



Daniel R Davis Memorial Scholarship ($1000)

Dennis Xiong

St Paul, MN


Henry L Allen Memorial Scholarship ($1000)

Alina Nhouyvanisvong

Manassas, VA


Richard G Elzinga Memorial Scholarship ($1000)

Angel Hang

Eureka, CA



David “Gomer” Reese, III Memorial Scholarship ($1000)

A J Bouddhara


Brooklyn Park, MN


Ed Gunter                                                                                     Jerry “Spike” Milam

President, EAPLS (Raven FACs)                                                Scholarship Committee Chair