Membership in the Edgar Allan Poe Literary Society, Inc. (EAPLS) is authorized in two categories:
(1) Ravens and (2) Friends of the Ravens.

  1. EAPLS is a last-man organization consisting of former Forward Air Controllers (FACs) who flew in support of Laotian forces during the conflict in Southeast Asia (SEA). These FACs used the call sign Raven (or its predecessor, Butterfly). Raven FACs and Butterfly FACs are automatically qualified for full membership if they flew and routinely performed the FAC mission in Laos between 1967 and 1973. All Ravens have voting rights in the organization. Voting membership is not automatic and requires concurrence by the Board of Directors of EAPLS.
  1. Unlike many other organizations, no associate membership exists. However, a category called Friends of the Ravens includes others who demonstrated their kinship with the Ravens and share the Raven respect for the Lao/Hmong people who so bravely defended their country, participated with the Ravens at reunions and other gatherings, assisted the Ravens in communicating their history and story to the public, and/or have a continuing relationship with those Ravens who gave the ultimate sacrifice in Laos. Friends do not have voting rights, but their association with the Ravens is highly valued and continuation of this special relationship is mutually desirable.
  1. Membership entitles one to be placed on membership rosters, be provided with limited personal data of other members, and receive invitations to participate in Raven events. Newsletters are distributed several times each year for the use of the membership. Voting members are provided with access to the financial status of the organization. Only Ravens select the officers of the organization and vote on motions at the annual business meeting or other special elections. The cost of membership is $20 for the period from October 1st through September 30th each year.
  2. Family members of former Ravens are very special to EAPLS. The memory of each departed Raven is celebrated at every Raven reunion. Family members are encouraged to participate regardless of membership in EAPLS. Frequently one member of a family joins as a Friend to ensure all information of value to a family is received. However, this is not a requirement.
  1. EAPLS maintains strong relationships with other groups, formally or informally, through cross-membership, joint participation, or previous/current assignment. These include, but are not limited to, the Air Commando Association, China Post 1 of the American Legion, the Air America Association, Project 404, the FAC Association, the TLC Brotherhood, the Special Operations Association, the Laotian Pilots Association, the Lao-Hmong-American Coalition, and both active and reserve units of the U. S. Air Force. Membership in EAPLS does not imply membership in any other organization.
  1. Persons who believe they qualify for membership in EAPLS and wish to join the organization are requested to contact the President of EAPLS with qualifying information. Membership is not automatic.